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Hand made, fantasy inspired perfume.

Create your own fairytale

For the explorers and dreamweavers: Forge your own path. Select one of our hand-made fantasy inpired perfumes for a unique personal scent signature. Browse our range of perfumery supplies to get a head start in creating your own.

Our fantasy inspired perfume range

All of our perfumes are unisex. Let your personality shine and find your unique new scent signature.

Moonlight Harvest

Become a ninja and drift into an endless sea of wheat and lavender fields under the balmy late summer moonlight. Reap the fruits of autumn and combine it all to create a truly captivating fragrance...

Enter the world of Moonlight Harvest...

By Virtue of Sunbeams

Summer might be over but luckily we kept some for you. Sunshine in a bottle. Re-kindle that refreshed and carefree feeling with our brand-new splash on fragrance, perfect for everyday living.

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  • Cruelty free

    We never test any of our products on animals. We also never use raw materials derrived from animals such as animal musk. All of our products are suitable for vegans.

  • IFRA Compliant

    Our perfumes conform to the latest set of IFRA regulations, the industry standard for safety in fragrances. Each of our formulas undergoes a rigorous safety assesment by a qualified toxicologist before being sold.

  • Artisanally crafted

    Every perfume we make is hand blended and poured. Your bottle is filled, capped, and labelled by hand with love. All of our formulas are designed and perfected in house in a many month long process.

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Take a journey into the heart of the jungle and re-live the story of an explorer on a quest for exotic treasure...

Enter the world of Vanillawood...

Perfumery supplies store

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A range of hand selected, every-day perfume making essentials.

Perfumery supplies store
  • Good value

    Perfumery is an expensive hobby but it doesn't have to break the bank. We keep our prices as low as possible so you have more left over to spend on raw materials.

  • Quality products

    Want to make sure you're getting the real deal when it comes to perfumery equipment? We use all of our products ourselves so you know they're suitable for the job.

  • Carefully selected

    Our perfumery supplies are all vetted by our in-house perfumer. Rest assured with our simple range of carefully selected essentials.

  • All in one place

    Gone are the days of ordering your perfumery supplies from different places, racking up hefty shipping bills. We can send you everything in one box.

Perfumery software

Try Formulair, our lightweight perfumery formulation software, available for iOS and macOS. It's our flagship perfumery equipment product and can change the way you compose perfumes for the better, forever.

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Welcome to our community of perfume creators. Here you can discuss perfumery and ask for advice on your creations, no matter how far you are along your journey.

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