Scent can transport you to a new world. This is the premise behind Lux & Terra. Latin for Light & Earth, these are the building blocks of a world-scape. I believe that fragrance can be the gateway to a new reality, whether real or fantasy. I make perfumes and provide perfumery supplies so people can immerse themselves in their own fantasy, empowering them to create their own reality.

Sam Macer - Director 

Lux & Terra is proud to be an independent perfumery based in London, England.

All profits go back into the business. This goes towards:

  • New raw materials samples to develop top quality perfumes
  • Product prototyping (like the custom perfumery racks)
  • Software to run the web store
  • Buying stock in bulk in order to provide great prices
  • Safety documentation for the perfumes being sold
  • Marketing (though not much is spent on this!)

    Contact: info@lux-terra.co.uk