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Moonlight Harvest

Moonlight Harvest

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Be transported to the world of a ninja sent to far off lands in the west, revelling in the beauty of provincial autumn by night. She harvests fruit with the sharp blade of her katana as she journeys, her path lit my moonlight. She remains unseen by all except the fireflies and other night-time insects, a passing cloud of jasmine unnoticed by the occasional farmer. The beauty of the warm summer evenings make her carefree and blissful and she begins to dream of running away in this land. Will she finish her assassination or become an eternal wanderer in this newfound paradise?

Moonlight Harvest is a fruity-floral fragrance. It opens with an explosion of cherry and apple against a backdrop of honeyed wheat fields. Delicate jasmine with its tea like nuances combines with provincial lavender to blow a soft night-time kiss of fragrant jasmine petals amidst the rustic backdrop. Musk illuminates the scene like soft moonlight dusting the cornucopia below.

Fragrance family: Fruity, Floral

Fragrance strength: Eau de Parfum

Size: 50 ml

Fragrance notes

Top: Wheat fields, Red apple, Maraschino cherry

Mid: Jasmine, Lavender, Beeswax

Base: Heliotrope, Musk, Ambergris


Summer / Autumn (Litha / Mabon)

Notes from the perfumer

This perfume originated from the same stem as "By Virtue of Sunbeams", but evolved into something completely different. This perfume really feels very special to me; it has a very unique composition and at times it felt like it was composing itself. I am proud of it and happy that it's now finished for people to enjoy.

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