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Precision analytical lab balance (200 x 0.001g)

Precision analytical lab balance (200 x 0.001g)

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If you had to choose one piece of equipment that's really worth investing in for perfumery, it would probably be a precision balance. A good set of scales allows you to accurately weigh small amounts, meaning you can reduce the size of your trials and save on raw material expenditure.

This set of scales is made for a scientific laboratory, allowing you to weigh out your perfume formulas with 0.001g precision. The scale includes a calibration weight and power adapter, although it can also be powered with a 9v battery. A wind-shield is also provided to help mitigate against minute weight deviations due to air currents. This scale offers excellent value as an entry level professional scale.

Accuracy: 0.001 g

Max weight: 200 g

Power source: Mains adaptor or 9v battery

Pan diameter: 110 mm

Includes calibration weight: Yes

Plug: UK (email us if you need EU or USA)

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