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Premium Winchester sample bottles (15ml)

Premium Winchester sample bottles (15ml)

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Premium "Winchester" sample vials. Ideal for making pre-dilutions of raw materials or blending accords.

These vials come with gold standard polycone lined urea caps, which provide and excellent tight seal to prevent leaking and provide a double chemically resistant barrier against permeability and degradation when used for perfumery.

These bottles have a wide base and are slightly heavier than regular bottles which decreases the chance of them falling over (and consequently smashing or causing a spillage). The amber glass protects perfumery raw materials within from damage by sunlight exposure.

Bottles are offered in sets of 30 or you can purchase in bulk a full pack of 182. Please note that this particular brand of bottles come with a triangle embossed on the side. Optionally, one of our custom perfumery racks to house the 24 bottles may be added at a discounted rate (assembly instructions:

We also provide the option to add a printable label pack (the same labels which we use to label our dilutions in-house, as can be seen in the pictures). This addition is perfect if you would like to add your own logo and bring the presentability of your bottles (for clients, marketing etc.) to the next level. This pack includes A4 sheets with printable side labels, printable cap labels and transparent labels to go on top of the side labels (adds a glossy finish and a barrier to protect the ink smudging).

Dimensions (approx.):

Height (with cap): 65 mm

Height (bottle only: 63 mm

Diameter: 29 mm

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