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Sample bottles (10ml)

Sample bottles (10ml)

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Cap type

General purpose sample vials. Ideal for making pre-dilutions of raw materials or blending accords. The amber glass protects perfumery raw materials within from damage by sunlight exposure.

Two choices of cap are available. Both are suitable for perfumery and this choice is left to your personal preference:

- Aluminium cap with EPE Liner (a low density foam core between two layers of polyethylene). The EPE lining has strong chemical resistance and a low rate of moisture transmission.

- Polycone lined plastic cap. These caps offer and exceptionally tight seal against leaks and excellent chemical resistance.

Both of these cap types are far superior to regular unlined plastic caps which are widely sold elsewhere and are prone to leaking, permeability and degradation when used for perfumery.

Bottles come in sets of 24 or 198. Optionally, one of our custom perfumery racks to house 24 bottles may be added at a discounted rate (assembly instructions:

Dimensions (approx.):

Height (with cap): 63 mm

Height (bottle only: 60 mm

Diameter: 24 mm

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